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Michael Hsu takes tennis courts by storm

Nick Southern, News Reporter

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Leading his team to playoffs while maintaining a constant 4.0 GPA, MHS senior Michael Hsu has been dominating both tennis courts and classrooms.

Playing doubles in the 2015-2016 season, Michael and teammate Jaden Keller lead the Monterey High School tennis team to countless victories, even making it to the playoffs.

On top of excelling in tennis, Michael makes no exceptions when it comes to his academics.

During his Junior year, he maintained above a 4.0 GPA while taking four AP classes. This year (his senior year) he has three AP classes and is sporting an impressive 4.3 GPA.

Despite the massive amount of work AP courses require, he has still managed to attain the AP Scholar award for getting a 3 or higher on all of his AP tests, and he has received a certificate of specialization in all Microsoft programs.

In addition to his academic success, he is a star athlete. Even though he started playing tennis in his junior year, Hsu still managed to be one of the highest performing players on the tennis team, receiving the most consistent player award .

He was also vital in his team making it into the playoffs.

With only two teams being able to make it into the playoffs in the 2015-2016 season, Monterey was tied with private school Robert Louis Stevenson.

“My partner and I won the deciding match against Stevenson for a chance to make the playoffs. We were tied, and only two teams could make it. That game proved to be our most important game of the season because if we hadn’t won, we wouldn’t have even had a chance to make it,” said Hsu.

However, Tennis was not always Hsu’s passion.

When asked about his end goal, Hsu said, “I don’t really have an end goal. I’m just trying to find my passion right now because Basketball is my passion, but I had health issues and a decline in interest.

Right now, I’m in search mode to be honest. I love helping people and doing service, but in terms of specifics, I don’t really know.”
For a student-athlete just starting out with tennis, or sports in general, the accomplished athlete recommends staying true to yourself in whatever your passion is, and working hard at it to be the best you can be.

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Michael Hsu takes tennis courts by storm