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MHS student alumna returns to teach

Annabelle Cole, Editor in Chief

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Jessica Powell, Miss J, a Monterey High School student alumna, has joined the Toreador family again as a sports medicine and athletic training teacher this year.

“I’m happy to be back where I used to go to school,” said Miss J. “A lot has changed, good and bad, but it’s exciting to come back to my old high school.”

When Miss J attended MHS, she was involved in our Sports Professions and Recreation Careers Academy and the women’s basketball and softball teams.
S.P.A.R.C. was a large contributor to her decision to pursue the sports medicine field.

“The internships we had to do over the summer really helped me define what I wanted to do with my further career, the field trips as well,” said Miss J.

This year, she continues her S.P.A.R.C. legacy as an academy teacher and stays involved with basketball as an assistant coach.
Along with once again partaking in her previous high school interests, she became an advisor for the clubs Pearl Status and the Huddle.

“To really get to know the students outside of class and to be able to help them with life,” said Miss J on her reason for being an advisor. “I enjoy being around both the clubs; it’s rewarding at the end of the day when I see student’s lives changing.”

Miss J did not plan to return to Monterey High; in fact, she was planning to leave to San Diego for graduate school. But before she left, she saw the opportunity to teach and took it.

“I’m glad that I chose to teach here instead of going to school because I get to impact students’ lives and help them know what I went to college for,” she said.

She finds teaching to be extremely rewarding and worth the hard work.

“The biggest thing to me is students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” said Miss. J.

Though she does enjoy teaching, she is hoping to eventually return to the path of graduate school in order to become an athletic trainer. In both of these careers, Miss J enjoys helping people.

Regarding assisting athletes, she said, “I like to help them physically, but also mentally.”

When helping as a teacher, she enjoys presenting students with a new career path.

While she is here, Miss J hopes students will attain a basic knowledge of athletic training and health careers, and also acquire skills needed for college and life beyond high school.

She said, “I love to see them accomplish something they didn’t think they couldn’t do.”

Miss J Loves working with youth at her church’s youth program, at school, and anywhere she can. As a new teacher at MHS, she has been able to connect with students through activities and clubs, and has become a mentor on campus.

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  • MHS student alumna returns to teach


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MHS student alumna returns to teach